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Workshop Title Working with complexity
Date Tuesday, 21 May 2019 09:30 AM - 4:00 PM
The Paul Mullen Centre
Community Forensic Mental Health Service
505 Hoddle Street
Clifton Hill Victoria 3068
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This full day workshop offers the opportunity for case managers and therapists to enhance their knowledge and skills in the engagement and management of clients who present with complex needs, who are often mandated to engage with services. The clients that will be discussed are those who: have co-morbid health and mental health disorders, are reluctant to engage, pose risks to either themselves or others, have multi service involvement, and have been mandated for treatment by either civil or criminal justice orders. We will discuss the best models of care in working with this client population, ways of engaging the clients, and strategies for convening case conferences with multiple services that generate better outcomes for clients. The ethical dilemmas and challenges of client confidentiality will be covered, particularly when communicating identified risks with other services. This will be an interactive session using case studies and there will be opportunities to reflect upon practice. This session is suitable for experienced workers in both the government and non-government sectors and in the fields of mental health, disability, drug and alcohol, child protection and corrections. Danielle Ashley is a senior Occupational Therapist at Forensicare. Kerstin Hinrichsen is a senior Social Worker at Forensicare and is Tambo Unit Program Manager at Ravenhall Correctional Centre.
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